TRATAKA (Sanskrit n. त्राटक Trāṭak: "look, gaze")

Adam set up Trataka in 2016
He is a versatile creator, with a background in travel and music
Over the last decade he's been expanding his understanding of imagery and the world we live in, spending time in Morocco, India, Nepal, Sweden, Scotland, Romania, Iceland and Bosnia
He now lives in the UK, based in Hampshire, where he works both freelance and for a local marketing company. Travelling throughout the country is not a problem. He can be in London at short notice, or set out for Scotland the same day...

Adam specialises in creating small business profiles: providing photography, video, graphics and audio (composing original music for your business)
Your product, your people, your premises...your passion 

He also covers Events, Weddings and Pets!

Feel free to get in contact and discuss anything you need covering!

Clients include...
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